The waters between Denmark and Germany are highly rated by fishermen hoping to make a big catch. Sea trout will actually bite all along the coast. Cod fishing is best on the Baltic beaches between Falshöft and Schleimünde as well as on the southern shore of Kegnæs (DK), Gammel Pøl (DK), the Ox Isles and south-east of Skelde (DK). Flatfish can be caught to the east of Nordborg (DK) between Falshöft and Oehe. The garfish bite between Westerholz and Steinbergholz if the water temperature is right. Those hoping to get lucky on the high seas can set out in early morning with the cutter.

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D: For coastal fishing, you need an annual fishing license, or a vacation fishing license (available at the municipal offices of the resorts). For inland lakes and fishing ponds, you can obtain permits and fishing licenses (inquire at local fishing stores).
Fishing permits for the Rüdersee (Mühlenteich) in Glücksburg are sold on behalf of the fishing club from 1. May to 31. Dec. at the tourist information in Glücksburg.

DK: You obtain a fishing license (Fisketegn) in Denmark at tourist offices, post offices, and at In lakes, there is an additional fee for fishing (to be inquired in fishing stores).