Get the Fischbrötchen (fish bun)!

Fresh, newly caught fish is to be found at the Flensburg Fjord, here you go: 

Ben’s Fischhütte 
As soon as the first warming rays of the sun come out, customers will crowd towards the little fish hut at the Flensburg Museum Harbour. The reason are Ben’s fish buns, the famous Fischbrötchen. Ben’s is the take-away-bedrock of Flensburg's fish buns. Have a Flens (local beer) to go with it, and your day is made. The locals call that „Flensburger Gedeck“. Finally, let your feet dangle over the harbour line, and you are good. 

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If you're heading for Rote Straße the Fischmanufaktur at no. 30 is the right anchorage for you. Here, the fish buns have names like "Rote Straße" (red street) or "Grüner Flensburger" (green flensburger), and there is also a delicious Nordic tapas plate on the menu.

Flensburger Fischkate
The Flensburger Fischkate will treat you to delicious fish buns, as well as to many other Leckerbissen (goodies). A visit is in absolute and requisite order. (Fördestraße 65)

At the small fishing village of Langballigau, fish buns are an absolute must-have. Nowhere as fresh as here - where Odin’s fishing boat literally brings the catch onto your table. Fresh fish and fresh breeze – nothing beats a vacation at the Flensburg Fjord. 

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