03.10.2024 - 05.10.2024

Sailing event: 8th German Company Cup


team spirit. sailing. fun.

At the German Company Cup, corporate crews from all over Germany meet to compete against each other and celebrate for two days. "Sailing is the perfect way to awaken team spirit, promote cooperation and optimise communication".
33 crews are expected to participate in the Company Cup. Between 160 and 350 sailors usually exchange ideas at the Beer Call after the regattas and form networks in an informal atmosphere. Sailing takes place in 3 leagues, from the Extra League for experienced racing crews with spinnakers, to League 1 without spinnakers, to League 2 for crews with little to no racing experience. Various mono-hull boat types will sail in the event, which will be judged by yardstick, and charter yachts will receive compensation. "The three pillars of the German Company Cup are team spirit, fairness and fun".

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Pictures: Ekke Erben

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